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Our Featured Volunteer of Blowing Rock Cares - Dennis Norris

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April 17, 2020

Blowing Rock Cares Food Pantry is staffed entirely by volunteers who are always giving their time and talent to keep the pantry running smoothly.  We would like to recognize one of those special volunteers who has worked with BRCares for many years and has become one of our silent hero.

Dennis Norris is an amazing person who gives almost daily of his time and energy purchasing food and supplies for Blowing Rock Cares Food Pantry.  He hits the stores early to locate and purchase needed food items as well as works to establish great relationships with local businesses so that we are always supplied with needed food and personal items.  During these current food crisis Dennis is on the road constantly searching for and purchasing items to keep the pantry open.  Dennis is also a BRCares board member and has been for many years.  His insight and experiences keeps the board focused on the tasks at hand.  He is truly a valued member of the board and a very special volunteer.

Tim Harris  – Vice President of BRCares on his experiences working with Dennis:

“His local network for that is amazing, and he is constantly looking for, ordering, picking up and restocking food, checking what’s on sale.  He only accepts help for pickup and restock, and calls/texts some number of folks to help with that.  The rest he prefers to do on his own – both for safety reasons and because he can ‘forage’ for a little here and a little there more efficiently alone than accompanied.  His knowledge of the inventory at any point in time and his organization are impressive, and he typically retains his sense of humor and perspective even when not doing so could easily be overlooked.”

Thank you Dennis from everyone at Blowing Rock Cares.